Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green River State Park and other.... june 2009

Jared can find a mountain to climb anywhere, even if it's just a realllllly big pile of dirt!

There were many times on this trip that were seriously questioned if we were headed anywhere. If felt like we were in a twilight zone episode. Maybe because they used this road in some of the episodes. Seriously, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere heading nowhere!

Jared can find a mountain to climb anywhere, even if it's just a really big pile of dirt!

Th green river isn't really green... it's more brown!

Goblin Valley, June 2009

Okay... so one of my favorite movies was filmed in Goblin Valley-- GALAXY QUEST. It is must see for every science fiction fan or even for those who don't like science fiction and love a good comedy... it is a must see! Believe me!

Jared and I tried to do something fun at each park. Here we jumped rope!

Calf Creek Rec Center

The Calf Creek Recreational Center. It wasn't hard to wake up early in the back of the element, only a few feet from the trail head!

Like our campsite?

Escalante Petrified State Park

The Campground was full! But we found a location to set up the tripod and take some night shots! I'd like to see this park in the day! I am not sure if you can ski on the lake or just fish or swim???

Cedar Breaks National Park

I can't tell you how many times we have driven by this sign on the way to Brian Head and never stopped! I'd be embarrassed really! It's a short walk to the visitor center/gift shop and magnificent view point!

Of course, we had to stop and play in the snow! Lake to snow in less than an hour!!! amazing!

Kodachrome State Park

Kodachrome State Park Campground was full and it reminded me a lot of the Flintstones! As does most of the Escalante National Park. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time nor much light to take pictures. But once again, we found another beautiful state park hidden and off the main trails of Southern Utah. We will have to go back.

How many parks have we visited in 8 hours???

Bryce Canyon National Park, Ut

Jared and I have never spent much time in Bryce Canyon. We would like to several Hikes in the area! It really is unique and breath taking. We hit the canyon right before sunset!

One of the things we love about this park is the drive to it! It is similar to the drive in Cars! It is unreal!

I don't have any children... but how do I watch Jared??? my very big and handsome fun child!

Iron Mission State Park, Cedar City, UT

Cedar City is an hour North of St George. We had fun exploring Iron Mission State park and would like to go back again soon! Here are a few pictures!

jen in school house

Jen & Jared in Stage Coach- not my preferred means of travel!

Can you imagine being held in an iron prison?

Zion National Park- KOLOB

Kolob is often passed by visitors, or only visited in car, but there are also many hiking trails. In fact there is a trail that connects Kolob with Angels landing in the main park! That is a hike that Jared and I would like to do when it cools down!

Kolob is less than an hour from our house!

How will I ever keep my children from trying this??? Any suggestions!

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow is a beautiful State park just over 30 minutes from St George. Jared loves swimming around the island and has seen the plane that is sunk over 30 feet below the surface. Of course, he saw it free diving!

It was very windy on the day we went and there weren't many boats out there, but usually during the summer Sand Hollow is very busy and holiday weekends the camping sites are packed!

Quail Creek State Park June 2009

Jared loves to swim in quail Creek especially after working in 100 plus or over 110 degree heat here in St George, Utah. Quail Creek State Park was the 2nd of 18 state parks in our crazy weekend trip! But first we stopped at Bajio and got the Bajio salad to share! We had a great lunch but the wind almost picked it up and blew it away. We had to hold on to everything!!1