Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Great Week

Snow Canyon State Park 10.22.09

After work on Thursday we stopped by Snow Canyon State Park. We hiked into a white bowl made of awesome rock formations and took some fun photos.

Jrad- Snow Canyon

Jen B/W Snow Canyon

You know... I just have to share on my blog how wonderful it is to be able to work with my husband. Not only is window cleaning great exercise... But it is also a joy to be able to spend the day with my husband, working, laughing and laughing some more. I feel very blessed to be able to spend so much time with Jared! He is such a calming influence and so much fun!! We laugh often everyday. Sometimes I laugh so hard I can hardly breath! (is that spelled with our without an e at that end breath? or breathe?)

This week we were pretty busy and I worked with him all day thursday and friday, and then we did one big job early Saturday. Next week we also have a busy week scheduled... no rain please!

Monday, October 19, 2009

10.15.09-10.18.09 Wonderful Weekend

Brian Head Peak 11,300 Feet Elevation

Jared At 11,310 feet elevation... he's on top of wall doing his polynesian dance!

Jen getting sun burnt at 11,300 feet Elevation

Jared he's got the whole sun in his hands!
Well, at least he's got my heart in his hands!

Jen and Jared at Aida at Tuachan in St George, Utah!

Thursday Night we were given tickets to see Aida at Tuacahn! The weather was perfect and the show was so much fun. After the show we drove up to Brian Head and stayed at a friends cabin. Friday, Jared drove down with me to Cedar. He dropped me off, while I taught a couple classes. We spent the rest of the weekend at Brian Head. It was so wonderful being able to spend the weekend with the man I love! I am so SPOILED! And I know it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jared's Restful Retreat A Top the Sierra Nevadas

September 24-26, 2009
Sierra Nevada Adventure with Owsley Clan

Okay so Jared's idea of a "retreat" and my idea of a retreat are not the same. I soaked in a nice hot bath. He jumped into a freezing glacial lake at close to 10,000 feet elevation. I'll add a video, just for proof. Notice everyone else is wearing jackets and hats. My husband is the one wearing swim trunks jumping off the rock!!! You can't miss his gorgeous farmer tan!

From Left to Right- Trevor Owsley, Jared McBride, KC Owsley above 11,000 feet elevation.
(Notice Trevor holding on for dear life! KC is pretending to be "cool" for the photo. And Jared is ready to keep climbing!)

Yes, this is my husband doing Yoga in Rock Climbing Shoes, a top a Sierra Minaret

Here is Adam pointing to the Minaret. Yes, siree, the boys climbed to the tippy top. This is their idea of a fun adventure. What is so wrong with just getting a massage? I mean which would you choose... climb a jagged cliff up to 12,000 feet elevation, or get a massage???

I think men and women are suppose to be different. If for nothing else, so that we can miss each other terribly--even while we are both enjoying ourselves immensely!

To be completely honest, if I didn't have to camp without restroom facilities, the hiking and photography looks to be out of this world! I've got to learn to hike and take pictures faster, so I can make it back before dark.

Check out the videos below for more graphic details.

We would also like to thank KC for sharing his pictures and video of Jared's retreat!!! THANK YOU!!!!