Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The DVD is completed! I presented Strong and Beautiful: 30 Minute Blast Thursday August 20, 2009 at SUU! I passed!!!

Check out the awesome Cover art-Graphic Design by Bryan Harrison! I love it!

It is official! I have passed my four summer courses, including my capstone project! I have a master's in sports performance and conditioning from SUU!

I am so excited!!! It is such a miracle that I was able to complete the program in a year! And by the way... I am the first graduate of the new program! And as Dr Lambson said, "There is only one first!" Not that I am competitive in nature... but I sort of like being able to say that! :)

Jared and I spent the weekend in Brian Head and exploring around Cedar Breaks. Jared went for a fun bike ride and stopped and met me at this cool water fall in a tunnel! I got some fun pictures. I especially like this funny one of Jrad!

Jared took this picture of me! I love it! What a beautiful place.

Oh... I was also offered a job teaching as an adjunct professor at SUU! It isn't official... but I've looked over the text for the wellness class and I really like it! I hope that it works out and that in January I can start teaching Part-time! Dr Lambson the department head offered me the job and I was honored. Because he knows me!!! I am really excited about this opportunity!

Here is a picture of me at Cedar Breaks!

I am so excited to be done!!!! And in nice cool weather for the weekend!

My husband can fly!!!

Friday morning we were up at close to 11,000 feet elevation at Brian Head peak! It was a beautiful morning!

Here is a picture of me with Dr Karyn Spencer. She really helped me get the project underway!!! And was such a support!

Here is a picture of me with Dr. Rick Lambson the Physical Education Department Head.

Here is a picture of me presenting.

Oh... by the way half way through the presentation... the alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building! That was fun!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pine Valley Retreat

Jared and Jennie at Ence Cabin

Jared and I had one of those perfect days Saturday, August 8, 2009. The weather had surprisingly cooled off about 20 degrees in St George, making life absolutely wonderful!!!

I've discovered my number one complaint is that I don't like being outside in 115 degree heat! I am accustom to being able to go outside all summer long. I like going outside. I like playing in the outdoors. But in the summer some mornings are in the mid 80's!!!!

Jared and I went up to Pine Valley Saturday Morning and cleaned windows for the Brooks. The weather was cool and the company was fantastic. After cleaning windows we went to the Ence Cabin early to find Janice Ence all alone!!!

We kept Janice company until her husband, Jay and the rest of the branch showed up for dinner. But we were spoiled, Janice and Jay gave us a wonderful lunch and shared amazing stories about their life, their mission and other adventures!!! We had a blast getting to know the Ence's better! And they even let us go for an ride on the fourwheeler! Like I said a perfect fun day!

Jay and Janice Ence- Party Host's

Patty Abraham and Patty Haynes!!

Jennie and Janice Ence!

Mary Brady and Joyce Webb

It was so wonderful being able to have a wonderful dinner with all our friends of the Green Valley 8th Branch! We are so spoiled and love EVERYONE!

Pamela & Dean Marriott.

I kept observing Dean talking to Jared at various events and he kept asking Jared the same question... "Anything new going on in your life?" To which, Jared gave a different response depending on the week! Well, Sunday August 9, 2009 Jared met with President Christensen of the Stake Presidency. (Note: Jared thought we were going to be asked to clean the chapel windows on a regular basis, because they need it!)

President Christensen asked Jared to accept a new calling for the Lord, in the Green Valley Stake Sunday School Presidency. He is serving as President Dean Marriott's Secretary/Third Counselor. Jared was really sad about not starting up Special Needs Mutual for a second year... but is also really excited to be working with President Marriott and the other brothers in the Stake Sunday School Presidency. About 15 minutes after he accepted his new calling he was sustained in Sacrament Meeting!