Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jen's SUU Graduation Info

Jen McBride Commencement & Graduation Exercises Southern Utah University

Saturday May 2, 2009-  SUU

University Commencement Cerememony 9:00 AM 
Centrum Arena
(Speaker President Thomas S. Monson)
Formal Processional begins at 8:30 am
(Tickets required for centrum, but being broadcast throughout university &
SuTV Cable 9 in Cedar- Live Broadcast, rebroadcast May 4th 8 am
SUTV www.suu.edu/sutv/webcast live 9 am
KSUU 91.1 FM Live 9 am
KUED-7 (SLC's PBS) Rebroadcast Saturday May 9th 5:30 Am)

College of Education Convocation 11:30 AM
Centrum Arena-  NO TICKETS NECESSARY- Everyone is invited
I will receive a pretend diploma and e my Graduation "hood"

FRIDAY MAY 8TH, 2009-----   Mark your calendar!
Pot luck!  Bring something to share!  
BEACH Party- Late afternoon and Evening 4:00 to late!  
Location to be announced!!!
We are looking for a fire pit or will go to Del Mar.  
(does anyone know if the fire pits were removed?)

St George, UT Party!!!!  
TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!!  Probably Mid May!!!!  
 Or end of summer after I really graduate!!!

Anyone who would like to attend graduation or parties is invited!!!  
Come and Celebrate with me, as I receive a Master's of Science in 
Sport's Performance & Conditioning from SUU!

Photo Date with Jared Friday April 17, 2009

I spent Friday afternoon working with Jared and after we finished our window cleaning jobs, he took me on a little photo date near Hurricane and Silver Reef, just about 20-30 miles north of our home in St George.  

Near Silver Reef, Utah
This was my favorite picture of the day!  I love taking pictures of things falling apart at sunset!!!  Not sure what this building was, it was only about 5 feet by 5 feet and close to the foundation of an old home.

Jared ran down the path to explore.  

Tree & Clouds, off the bank of a small stream.

The sun was down and it was very dark.  I had to open up the lens for 25-30 seconds to get this shot of the Sand Hallow Golf Course!  It is gorgeous!

Fun Day with John & Mel Pryor April 18, 2008

John, Melany, Jared and I went to Dixie Rock on Saturday April 18, 2008.  A crowd gathered to watch us attempt to traverse the rock walls!  We provided them with quality entertainment in St. George, Utah

John Pryor Jr is Strong!  He really has a lot of natural ability and strength when it comes to bouldering. 

We have physical evidence that I have actually put my climbing shoes on and that I have bouldered at Dixie Rock.  However, I was the least enthusiastic of the group.  Melany and John Pryor surpassed me in energy, enthusiasm and ability within 30 minutes!!!
Jen Bouldering at Dixie Rock
Jrad Bouldering at Dixie Rock in his Tennies... nope he didn't even put his climbing shoes on... I think he was just so excited to have someone to play with!  
Melany is a natural, strong, graceful and determined!!!  Way to go! Mel

 John & Melany Pryor on their one week anniversary at Coyote Gulch Art Village.  

Jen & Jared... yes it is actually a picture of us together... thank you Johnny!  We really enjoy looking at all the amazing art at Coyote Gulch.  Thanks for visiting us Melany & John.  We hope to see you again soon!  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 10, 2009 Special Date with Erin McKay

Jared & I took our niece, Erin McKay to the Nickel Arcade in Orem, Utah on Friday April 10, 2009.  I am not sure who had more fun, Jared, Erin or I???  Erin beat us both at Air Hockey and she absolutely loved Skee Ball.  (I use to love it playing it when I was a her age too!)

Erin was really good at Air Hockey.  She has excellent hand eye coordination.  She picked it up really quick.  I couldn't believe she had never played it before.  

Thank you for playing with us Erin!  We had a lot of fun visiting you and your family!  We love you!

John & Melany Pryor Wedding April 11, 2009

I actually got a picture with the Bride at this wedding!  Here is a picture of me with Mrs. Melany Pryor.  She was sealed to John Pryor in the American Fork Temple on April 11, 2009.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The couple was gorgeous, the food was amazing at the Chef's Table in Provo, and it was a wonderful way to start the Easter Weekend.  

I have to have  million pictures of Emily Ruiz, but none with the two of us.  Jared snapped this shot for me, so I have proof, that I am one of the lucky people in the world to have Emily Ruiz as a friend!   Maybe now that I am not recovering from surgery or other health issues, and she is not pregnant, we might be able to play in a volleyball tournament!!!!  Emily has been a blessing to my life the past 4 years.  She took care of me after my knee surgery, visited me every day, made me food, and took me to the pool for rehab.  She and her husband Casey, even let Jared and I stay at their home for several weeks at a time, when we first moved to St. George.  I love you, Emily!  You are an amazing woman!  (All of the people sitting at my table agreed!)

Vici & Big John Pryor!  They are two of our most favorite people in the world.  For the past year, they have allowed Jared and I to come down almost every month and stay in their home.  That has allowed me to go to the doctor to receive the health care I needed to finally get HEALTHY.  They also allowed Jared & I to stay in their home when I was taking pictures of other weddings!  (Which provided the money to go to the doctor!!!)  Thank you John and Vici for loving us, for taking care of us, for providing such a wonderful place to stay and for bringing so much joy into our lives!  We love you!  

Melany and John Pryor Jr on their wedding day!  It was a joy to be part of your special day!  Thank you for allowing me to take pictures!  You are a beautiful couple.  We are so happy for you!  More pictures of the wedding will be posted on http://www.joshuastones.blogspot.com/