Saturday, September 26, 2009

Retreat Weekend!

Jared is in the Sierra Nevada's with the Owsley Clan and I am having a weekend retreat!

I've spent the past 3 days catching up on some "writing".

I found out that I don't sleep well without Jared in my bed! So, I went over to a friends last night and slept 10 hours! It felt so good that this morning I came home and treated myself to a facial and soaking bath for an hour! Am I spoiled or what???

I think I'll use this face mask as part of my halloween costume this year!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Okay... I know that you can't see it... but really there is a plane down there! Seriously, they sunk a plane into Sand Hollow Reservior for the divers. (I don't know who... but they)

When the water is high the plane is about 45 or so feet under the surface of the water and depending on the conditions can be very difficult to find. It's a big lake and the plane is rather small in comparison. So, ever since we've moved here, Jared has wanted to dive down to the plane. Because that is what boys do. They dive down to touch things that are sunk in the middle of the lake. They think it is FUN or something!

Earlier this week, Jared had some jobs in an area near Sand Hollow. So, after work he went to the lake and thought to himself, I might touch the plane today. It was a Wednesday and there were only 2 boats on the lake and not another swimmer in site. (That's because all the kids are back in school!)

The Conditions were practically perfect. The water was a little lower so the plane was only 35 or so feet under the surface. The lake was perfectly still.

Now, you have to understand, everytime we go to Sand Hollow there is one or two suburbans full of divers... you know the kind with wet suits, oxygen tanks, fins, the whole outfit! Diving schools take their students there to learn to dive. Most people use this type of fancy and expensive equipment to dive down to "touch" and "check-out" the plane.

Not my husband... oh no... he shows up... he's the only one at the lake (practically)... he has a pair of shorts on and some small swimming goggles. He swims a quarter mile or so off shore and spots the plane from the surface. Takes a few deep breaths and dives down. Clears his ears... dives again and then back up the surface... and then at the surface he thinks, "I am going to touch that plane TODAY!!!" He takes a deep breathe swims down 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet to 35 feet and touches the plane!

Once again, Jared has a goal and achieves it!!! He is amazing and I am so happy that he finds so much joy in life! Great job free diving to the plane!!! You are AWESOME! I love you!

Saturday September 19, 2009- OBSERVATION POINT

Jared and I got up at 5:00 on Saturday Morning to go hike to Observation Point in Zion's National Park. We arrived before the trams were running! And were able to watch the sunrise during our ascent up over 2000 feet in Elevation! What a beautiful morning!!

It took us under 2 hours to hike 4 miles to the top and for some reason it took over 3 hours for us to get down. I must be getting old, because the down HURT more than the up! Up, I was out of breathe from time to time, but going down was downright painful, especially on the toes and knees.

After hiking we went to Fatali's Photograph Museum in Springdale! His photos were amazing! Then we went to an apple orchard and picked apples! YUMMY! What a wonderful day!

August 29, 2009 This is the Place Monument- PARK

The last weekend of August, Jared went to the Tetons with one of his best buddies- Nate Cox. He dropped me off in Northern Utah, while he climbed the Grand in a day! You'll have to ask him the details... unfortunately, no bear stories on this trip. (Other teton adventures usually include a bear or some other friendly creature of the wild!)

I was able to spend Saturday Morning with Noelle, John and their children at " This is the Place Monument Park, Salt Lake City. Here are recent pictures of the children! Aren't they cute! We had so much fun exploring and petting goats! Some of the kids even got the chance to ride a train and horses! While I was in charge of photos!

I also had the opportunity to see Anna and Maya Cox, Leah, Savannah and Patch, and the Kosorok Family. They just moved from Seattle, WA back to Utah! I had a great weekend and was very happy that Jared made it home safely into my arms!!!