Monday, October 19, 2009

10.15.09-10.18.09 Wonderful Weekend

Brian Head Peak 11,300 Feet Elevation

Jared At 11,310 feet elevation... he's on top of wall doing his polynesian dance!

Jen getting sun burnt at 11,300 feet Elevation

Jared he's got the whole sun in his hands!
Well, at least he's got my heart in his hands!

Jen and Jared at Aida at Tuachan in St George, Utah!

Thursday Night we were given tickets to see Aida at Tuacahn! The weather was perfect and the show was so much fun. After the show we drove up to Brian Head and stayed at a friends cabin. Friday, Jared drove down with me to Cedar. He dropped me off, while I taught a couple classes. We spent the rest of the weekend at Brian Head. It was so wonderful being able to spend the weekend with the man I love! I am so SPOILED! And I know it!

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